Leading Provider of Timing Technology Partners with Memory Semiconductor Test Equipment Supplier, Enabling High-Volume Manufacturing Production Tester for FB-DIMMs
March 6, 2006

INTEL DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE, SaN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 6, 2006 — IDT(Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; NASDAQ:  IDTI), a leading provider of vital semiconductor solutions, today disclosed details of a collaboration with memory semiconductor test equipment supplier King Tiger Technology, Inc. (KTI).  Based on terms of the alliance, KTI used the IDT advanced memory buffer (AMB) production device as a benchmark to develop full-featured, fully buffered dual in-line memory module (FB-DIMM) manufacturing testing on its KT-2Pro test system, which combines a traditional Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)-style tester with KTI’s patented Behavioral Test Technology (BTT). 


“Industry adoption of fully buffered dual in-line memory modules is increasing,” said Tom Kao, director of marketing for the IDT memory clock products group.  “In response to this trend, IDT felt compelled to ensure customers have access to high-volume manufacturing testing solutions for FB-DIMMs.  We are pleased to have partnered with King Tiger to enable this very critical need to be met.” 


“As the FB-DIMM market continues to ramp, the need for a high-volume manufacturing production testing system is essential,” said Joe Klein, president and CEO of King Tiger Technology, Inc.  “IDT was instrumental in enabling us to build-out the FB-DIMM ecosystem through the development of a test solution that provides the industry with an excellent means in which to achieve production testing.”

What are AMB Devices?

Enabling FB-DIMM solutions, AMB devices help increase the speed and memory capacity of servers and workstations, resulting in improved data-processing capabilities.  Integrated onto an FB-DIMM, the IDT AMB devices handle the buffering, collection and distribution of data for each DIMM in a system, thus serving as an essential building block for next-generation, high-speed servers and workstations.  IDT has established market leadership in AMB technology.  In addition to becoming the first AMB vendor to achieve production status, the company was first to sample AMB products, and was also first to exhibit system operation.  Furthermore, as a result of the combined resources achieved through its recent merger with Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. (ICS), IDT is prepared to fully service the needs of this growing market, as well as other timing applications.


More information about IDT DIMM support products can be found on the IDT Web site at http://www.IDT.com/?catID=58741. 


About the KTI KT-2Pro Test System

The KTI KT-2Pro can test full-featured IBIST at speed, MemBIST, transparent mode and direct access mode.  It can also test the FB-DIMM’s northbound and southbound traffic at speed.  More information about the KT-2Pro test system can be found on the KTI Web site at www.kingtigertech.com.  


About IDT

IDT is a world leader in developing and delivering vital semiconductor solutions that enable customers to accelerate innovation.  IDT solutions help customers solve complex system design challenges associated with the evolving requirements of communications, computing and consumer applications.  By leveraging its system knowledge and extensive blend of technologies, IDT is able to deliver essential solutions, including timing products, network search engines, flow-control management ICs and products for standards-based serial switching.  Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., IDT has design, manufacturing and sales facilities throughout the world.  IDT stock is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market® under the symbol “IDTI.”  Additional information about IDT is accessible at www.IDT.com.



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