New Route Accelerator Extends IDT Search Acceleration Portfolio Offering Customers Performance and Power-Enhancements for Optimized Packet Processing Solutions
March 17, 2008


SAN JOSE, Calif., March 17, 2008 – IDT® (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; NASDAQ: IDTI), a leading provider of essential mixed signal semiconductor solutions that enrich the digital media experience, today announced its Route Accelerator – a power efficient, cost-effective packet header processing solution  optimized for complex forwarding and routing in enterprise, metro- and carrier-class switch and router applications. The Route Accelerator is based on a unique algorithmic search architecture featuring automated table management and power efficiency optimization which enables the large forwarding tables required for advanced network applications. Providing IDT customers with design simplification and flexibility, the Route Accelerator is available as a stand-alone device or integrated with the high performance IDT Search Accelerator family, utilizing the same footprint and interface. 
The combined Search and Route Accelerator solution can be tailored to IDT customers’ specific classification and forwarding requirements, enabling industry-leading performance with the lowest power per entry searched. Equipment providers that implemented solutions with IDT Search Accelerators can easily implement the Route Accelerator to preserve their hardware and software investments by utilizing the pin and software compatibility between the two devices.  In addition, customers that currently use external memory for their forwarding tables can now realize over a 40 percent reduction in pin count on the packet processor interface by consolidating all of their policy and forwarding search requirements onto the same sub-system.   
“Building upon the success of the industry’s highest performance search solution product family, IDT is pleased to announce the newest member of our portfolio - the Route Accelerator,” stated Derek Dicker, vice president and general manager for the IDT IP Co-Processor Division. “A number of our customers – the leading equipment providers - communicated to us that they were not only seeing a rapid increase in table size requirements but also needed a solution that could ease management of those tables, resulting from their need to enable a broader range of next generation networking applications requiring line rates packet processing of up to 40Gbps and beyond. The Route Accelerator product we’re announcing today was created in response to that specific request, a revolutionary new architecture offering our customers larger density, power efficiency and pin- and software-compatibility across the entire Search and Route Accelerator product families.”     
The Route Accelerator addresses a wide range of applications such as IPv4/IPv6 unicast and multicast forwarding, flow-based routing, L2/L3 virtual private networks (VPNs), and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), while providing customers the maximum level of storage efficiency through support of application-optimized key sizes. Moreover, the device delivers industry-leading search performance-per- watt of system power consumed with a large improvement relative to traditional TCAM-based search architectures. Using an innovative algorithmic architecture combined with its integrated table management engine (TME), the device significantly simplifies table management beyond previously available solutions. The TME efficiently offloads the complexity of table management tasks to the Route Accelerator thus eliminating reliance on the control plane processor for table updates, offering very high performance while reducing the cost and power of the overall system.
The Route Accelerator addresses strict system-level availability and uptime requirements from leading service providers by offering enhanced error detection and correction (ECC). In addition to the background ECC scan implemented on the Search Accelerator, the Route Accelerator also supports on-the-fly (OTF) error detection and correction during a search function, making it the most reliable search solution in the market capable of supporting “six-nines” system reliability.
The Route Accelerator is supported by a highly-integrated software package and evaluation system which reduces implementation costs, shortens time to market, and protects the end-user’s software investment. Further simplifying the design effort, the IDT initialization, management, and search (IMS) software will automatically configure the customer’s policy and forwarding tables to the appropriate Search or Route Accelerator device. This allows the customer to reap the benefits of two different application-optimized technologies without having to be burdened with understanding the architectural differences between the two devices.   The IDT network search solution is strongly supported by a diverse ecosystem of network processor and Ethernet switch vendors who have adopted the unique interface from IDT to ensure seamless interoperability.
“The IDT Route Accelerator is a high performance, power efficient solution that enables the large forwarding tables required in next generation network applications,” said Bill Weisinger, senior director of marketing and business development at Bay Microsystems. “Through its innovative design featuring a common interface and pin-out with the Search Accelerator, the Route Accelerator can be easily implemented to support our 40Gbps Chesapeake network processor to further enhance delivery of quadruple play services.”
About IDT Search and Route Accelerators         
Building on the industry leading IDT network search engine family, the IDT Search and Route Accelerators assist packet header processing with industry leading performance and service capabilities at wire speed.  The combined solution is application optimized for both complex IPv6 forwarding and classification lookups at 40 Gbps throughput and beyond, enabling next-generation networking equipment to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.  The search solutions implement enhanced error detection and correction to ensure the data integrity of the integrated TCAM array while providing the most reliable search solution in the market. In addition, the solutions are supported by a comprehensive suite of development tools that facilitate easy programming and early testing, reducing cost, speeding time-to-market, and ultimately protecting the end-user software investment.  
The IDT Search Accelerator family is the first in the industry to deliver one billion searches per second performance, integrated ECC, and an IPv6-optimized 80-bit DDR interface. With over a one year lead in the market, the Search Accelerator family is a key element within next generation networking designs and is currently shipping in production today. For additional information on the IDT family of Search and Route Accelerators, visit
With the goal of continuously improving the digital media experience, IDT integrates its fundamental semiconductor heritage with essential innovation, developing and delivering low-power, mixed signal solutions that solve customer problems.  Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., IDT has design, manufacturing and sales facilities throughout the world. IDT stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Stock Market® under the symbol “IDTI”. Additional information about IDT is accessible at
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