Versatile Timing Devices Empower Customers to Address In-System Test of Clock Networks and Reduce Design and Procurement Driven Costs
April 27, 2005

Santa Clara, Calif., April 27, 2005 — To address the evolving needs of next-generation clock networks, IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq:  IDTI) today announced a new family of programmable clock generators.  These new devices leverage the EEPROM-based programmable platform from previous generations of IDT programmable clocks along with an enhanced, multi phase-locked loop (PLL) architecture to provide customers with an uncompromised combination of versatility and performance.  The inclusion of an IEEE 1149.1a compliant JTAG interface for both programming and boundary scan is representative of the company’s commitment to providing timing devices that address the needs of both designers and manufacturers.  The performance and features of these new programmable clock generators make them suitable for a wide range of applications in the communications, digital consumer and industrial markets. 


“Since the introduction of our innovative programmable clock family, we have received positive feedback from designers, test engineers and supply-chain managers who benefit from the performance, flexibility and features of our solutions,” said Sean Fan, director of marketing for the communications timing solutions at IDT.  “Specifically, our focus on in-system configuration and test has provided compelling functionality that sets us apart from our competitors in this space, adding to that an even more advanced PLL architecture and new features, such as programmable spread-spectrum generation.  With these products, we have effectively enhanced our ability to solve the critical problems our customers face.” 


The innovative three-PLL architecture includes ultra-high resolution prescalers, multipliers and output dividers with VCO ranges up to 1GHz to enable nearly any combination of clock scaling ratios from a single input frequency.  Two of the internal PLLs include selectable spread-spectrum modulators with fully programmable characteristics, such as spread frequency and ratio.  This feature is especially useful to minimize the EMI induced by clock signals and enables system designs to meet stringent regulatory requirements.  In addition, each PLL also supports programmable loop filter settings to optimize jitter performance in customer applications. 


An I2C compatible interface is available (as an alternative to JTAG) to program the internal EEPROM, which allows users to save and restore device configurations at any stage of procurement, manufacturing or deployment.  Advanced I/O capabilities support universal input logic and LVTTL, LVPECL and LVDS output types.  In addition, the devices offer dual reference inputs with glitchless switchover and support both crystal and driven reference sources.


To support its portfolio of programmable clock products, IDT offers user-friendly software that quickly generates programming code based on the user’s requirements.  The company also offers a device programming kit for prototyping and lab testing, as well as an evaluation board that allows customers to test the features and performance of the programmable clock products with ease.


Pricing for the new programmable clock generators starts at $2.95 each in 10,000-unit quantities.  Programming kits, software and development tools are available.  Sample quantities of the new devices are available now, with production quantities scheduled for May 2005.  High-resolution, downloadable photos of the timing devices are located at




DescriptionPackage TypeSamplesProduction Qty.Price/Qty. at 10K Units
5V9885PFGI3-PLL programmable clock generator32-TQFPNowMay 2005$2.95
5V9885NLGI3-PLL programmable clock generator 28-VFQFPNNowMay 2005$2.95




About IDT Timing Solutions

IDT is a leading provider of timing solutions for communications, storage, industrial and computing applications, offering a broad range of silicon timing devices that focus on clock generation and distribution.  The company is uniquely positioned to offer differentiated solution elements, such as a programmable platform, precision technology, advanced I/O, and stratum-compliant synchronization.  IDT offers an extensive portfolio of timing devices, including devices for clock generation, programmable skew, zero delay, and non-PLL based clock fan out.  More information about the IDT timing solution can be found on the IDT Web site at