IDT PCI Express Switches Help NEC Achieve High-Speed Communication Between I/O Controller and Slot Cards With Maximum Throughput and Minimal System Latency
April 10, 2008


SAN JOSE, Calf. April 10, 2008 IDT® (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.) (NASDAQ:IDTI), a leading provider of mixed signal semiconductor solutions, today announced that its PCI Express® (PCIe®) switching products have been selected by NEC Corporation (NEC) for use in its NX7700i integrated enterprise servers (models: 5080H-64, 5040H-32 and 5020M-16). The IDT PCI express switch 89HPES24N3A performs high-speed connectivity between the I/O Controller and the Slot Cards inside the NX7700i. NEC’s decision to adopt IDT PCI express switches in its enterprise servers marks the first success for this device in this demanding application not only in Japan but also in Asia. The cooperation between NEC and IDT on this achievement highlights the partnership and shared common goal as market leaders in respective product segments.
With increasing consumer demand to stream more and more data and information through a variety of networking facilities, equipment efficiency has become a critical performance concern for system manufacturers. In order to develop the next generation IT infrastructure that addresses requirements for enterprise systems in a ubiquitous society, NEC, a leading networking equipment manufacturer, introduced its new IT platform vision called “REAL IT PLATFORM” in 2006. NX7700i series, equipped with Intel® Dual-Core Itanium® processors as an early adopter, is a high-performance server for large-scale, mission-critical systems achieving mainframe-level operating ratios and robustness, and the first product developed for realization of the vision.
“IDT offers the broadest PCIe switching solutions in the industry. Together with their excellent consulting services, they have enabled us to complete product designs more efficiently and in less time,” said Mr. Izushi Uehara, general manager of NEC Corporation’s Computer Department. “Our decision to use IDT PCIe-based switching products to enable I/O expansion for our high-end servers has proved to be right. We have achieved high-speed interconnect allowing us to perform faster data transfer, as well as enhanced system performance for our customers. Following on from our implementation of the PCI Express 1.1, we will continue to adopt advanced standard technologies such as this in the future, in order to deliver even better solutions to our customers.”
The IDT PCIe switching product portfolio is the broadest in the industry, and resolves the challenges of I/O expansion faced by many systems that demand various configurations of lane and port counts for a vast range of applications, ranging from high-performance servers as well as storage and communications devices to embedded devices, PCs and consumer applications. Furthermore, the unique architecture adopted by IDT makes full use of IDT expertise in the high-speed switching field, facilitates advanced data processing capabilities while suppressing the power consumption per lane to the lowest levels for existing products. This makes it possible to elicit the highest performance possible per watt of power consumed.
The IDT 89HPES24N3A3, selected for the three high-end models in NEC's NX7700i series — 5080H-64, 5040H-32 and 5020M-16 — is a 24-lane, 3-port switching product compliant with PCI Express 1.1. Each of these extends the interconnectivity of a server’s built-in I/O Controller by 1:2, thus fulfilling the role of extending the slot cards. The demand for high robustness, high reliability and performance by NX7700i series was fulfilled by the IDT PCIe switching products, which are based on the high-speed serial technology that has been expanded through the company’s years of experiences and switching expertise. NEC selected the IDT 89HPES24N3A for use in mission critical high-end servers.
“There is an increasing demand for high-quality digital media, and our customers, including NEC, clearly see the improvements in system capabilities derived from using IDT PCI Express switching solutions. It’s clear that PCIe can help enable a richer and higher quality digital media experience for users,” said Mario Montana, VP and general manager of the Serial Switching Division at IDT. “IDT provides support for the efficient design of products in order to meet these kinds of customer demands, ranging from PCIe switching solutions for high-performance servers through products that facilitate data transfer and processing. Japan is an extremely important market for our serial switching products. This is the first design win, not only for Japan but for all of Asia, and demonstrates our company’s commitment to this region.”
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