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Results by Part Number

Part Number Stock Distributor Action
ZSC31010CEG1-T Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010CEG1-T 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-T 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-T 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-T 99 Farnell Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-T 97 Mouser Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-T 99 Newark Buy
ZSC31010MCREFBV1P0 Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010MCREFBV1P0 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010MCREFBV1P0 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010MCREFBV1P0 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010MCREFBV1P0 0 Mouser Buy
ZSC31010KITV2P1 Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010KITV2P1 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010KITV2P1 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010KITV2P1 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010KITV2P1 0 Mouser Buy
ZSC31010MCSV1P1 Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010MCSV1P1 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010MCSV1P1 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010MCSV1P1 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010MCSV1P1 0 Mouser Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-R Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010CEG1-R 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-R 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-R 14895 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010CEG1-R 10299 Mouser Buy
ZSC31010BOARDV1P1S Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010BOARDV1P1S 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010BOARDV1P1S 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010BOARDV1P1S 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010BOARDV1P1S 0 Mouser Buy
ZSC31010CIG1-T Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010CIG1-T 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010CIG1-T 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010CIG1-T 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010CIG1-T 62 Mouser Buy
ZSC31010CIG1-R Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010CIG1-R 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010CIG1-R 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010CIG1-R 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010CIG1-R 2220 Mouser Buy
ZSC31010CEC Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010CEC 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010CEC 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010CEC 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010CIB Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010CIB 0 Avnet Buy
ZSC31010CIB 0 Avnet Europe Buy
ZSC31010CIB 0 Digi-Key Buy
ZSC31010CEB Submit Request Contact IDT
ZSC31010CIC Submit Request Contact IDT
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