Title Information
Package Description TQFP 7.00x7.00x1.40 mm 0.50mm Pitch
Package Status Active
Package Type TQFP
Package Code PR48
Category 240
Lead Count 48
Pb (Lead) Free No
Length 7mm
Pb Free Category e0
Width 7mm
Thickness 1.4mm
Peak Reflow Temp 240.00°C
Pitch 0.5mm
Package Carrier Reel, Tray
Pkg. Dimensions (mm) 7.0 x 7.0 x 1.4


Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
PCN# : TB0609-03 Changed of Loading Orientation in Tape and Reel from Quadrant 2 to Quadrant 1 Product Change Notification PDF 299 KB
Recommended Reflow Profile Product/Marketing PDF 135 KB
13" PLASTIC REEL WITH 4" HUB Carrier / Package Type PDF 53 KB
COVER TAPE Carrier / Package Type PDF 28 KB
ES/ESG 48 & PR/PRG 32/48 SHIPPING TRAY Carrier / Package Type PDF 270 KB
ES/ESG 48 & PR/PRG 32/48 CARRIER TAPE Carrier / Package Type PDF 29 KB
PR/PRG PACKAGE OUTLINE 7.0 X 7.0 X 1.4 MM TQFP 1.00/.10 FORM Carrier / Package Type PDF 120 KB
PR48 IPC-1752-2 v1.01 Class 6 (MCD) Materials Composition Declaration PDF 687 KB
PR48 IPC 1752-1 v1.01 Class 4 (MCD) Materials Composition Declaration PDF 514 KB