This is the evaluation board for the IDT 5L35021 VersaClock 3S programmable clock generator. With RMS phase jitter less than 3 picoseconds over the full 12 kHz to 20 MHz integration range, the device meets the stringent jitter requirements of PCI Express® Gen 1/2/3. The IDT 5L35021 is ideal for low power consumer, industrial, computing, SmartDevice applications. 


  • Two Differential Outputs with SMA connector
  • One LVCMOS Outputs with SMA connector
  • USB interface connect to PC system for configurations. 
  • GUI Timing Commander download from IDT website directly.
  • When the board is connected to a PC running IDT Timing Commander Software through USB, the device can be configured and programmed to generate frequencies with best-in-class performance

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Documentation & Downloads

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
Timing Commander Installer (v1.16.2) Software ZIP 18.44 MB
VersaClock 3S Timing Commander Personality File Software ZIP 4.95 MB