The VersaClock 3S - 5P3502x programmer board is made to ease the programming of blank 5P35021 and 5P35023 devices. With the on-board USB interface, the IDT Timing Commander™ GUI is used to communicate with the blank device in the socket for configuration and programming. 


  • Program VersaClock 3S – 5P3502x blank parts in the socket
  • Removable socket board
    • EVK5P35021PROG is a VersaClock 3S USB programmer board with a QFN20 socket board for the 5P35021 device
    • EVK5P35023PROG is a VersaClock 3S USB programmer board with a QFN24 socket board for the 5P35023 device
  • Programmer board is powered by USB port
  • Programmer board uses IDTs Timing Commander GUI to program the blank parts
  • USB port is the communication channel between the GUI and the VersaClock 3S – 5P3502x device in the socket

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User Guides & Manuals
Timing Commander Software for VersaClock 3S - 5P3502x Manual - Software PDF 1.65 MB
VersaClock 3S - 5P3502x Family Programmer Board User Guide Manual PDF 1.27 MB
Timing Commander Installer (v1.16.3) Software ZIP 19.85 MB
VersaClock 3S Timing Commander Personality File Software ZIP 4.95 MB
Timing Solutions Products Overview Overview PDF 4.11 MB