The UFT™ 3G Evaluation Kit is designed to enable a quick configuration and testing of the IDT third generation of Universal Frequency Translators. The Evaluation Kit ships with the IDT 8T49N282 mounted on the board, although the board is designed to help the customer evaluate the 8T49N281I, 8T49N282I and the 8T49N283I.
The board provides a USB-to-I2C bridge circuit which allows convenient connection to a PC for accessing the device control and status registers via IDT’s latest version of Timing Commander™ Software loading device specific personalities.  The latest Timing Commander™ software can be downloaded at


  • Eight LVPECL Outputs capable of generating any standard output frequency using IDT Timing Commander™ software
  • SMA connectors for each output pair
  • Input SMA  connectors
  • Outputs terminate to 50 ohms on a scope
  • USB port to interface with PC and Timing Commander
  • The Evaluation Kit ships with a 38.88 MHz  Crystal (3.2x2.5 mm SMD Fox-603-38.88-4)
  • Board dimensions:  7” x 7”

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EVK-UFT281-2-3 Obsolete Package Info

Documentation & Downloads

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User Guides & Manuals
IDT8T49N282I EVB User Guide Guide PDF 991 KB
IDT8T49N282I Short Form EVB User Guide Guide PDF 124 KB