Design challenges that confront developers can be overcome through leveraging the STX Serial RapidIO Development Platform, or SRDP (see figure). This platform provides a low-cost prototype solution for system architects, boards designers, and software developers who are designing systems with a IDT RapidIO switch.

It can be used in conjunction with other off-the-shelf components to immediately create proof-of-concept system demonstration, an application software development environment, or an interoperability-testing suite.

The block diagram shows how a IDT Tsi578 can provide the connectivity throughout the SRDP. The Tsi578 interconnects RapidIO enabled processors and peripheral devices and supports an aggregate bandwidth of 80 Gbps. Designers can take advantage of multiple port widths and speed configuration options to satisfy the interconnect requirements.



The platform also enables designers to excercise the Tsi578’s multicast capability which is critical for many wireless infrastructure, video gateway, and signal processing applications.

For more information about the STX SRDP, see .


  • Proof-of-concept system
  • Interoperability testing
  • Demonstration system
  • ASIC/SOC/IP development


  • Ease of Design 
      -   Provides the design information required to prototype and build systems using the Tsi578
      -   Platform uses commercial components for re-use in development.
      -   Technical Support engineers available through Technical Support Request form
  • Ease of Use
      -  Personal, professional support
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  • Ease of Access
      -  Request download of the tools anytime, anywhere, from the IDT website

Physical Characteristics

  • Board size: 302 mm x 322 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 70C (ambient)
  • Weight: 225 g
  • Power requirement: Standard ATX supply

Typical Companion Cards

  • DSP Farm/Cluster Advanced Mezzanine Card
  • Processor Advanced Mezzanine Card
  • FPGA Development Card
  • ASIC Development Board


The SRDP can be used in many RapidIO embedded communication applications. The platform provides a chip-to-chip interconnect between devices, backplane fabric for board-to-board interconnect, and cable for chassis-to-chassis communication.

The SRDP supplies the connectivity in proof-of-concept development systems, such as the following. 

Example Proof-of-Concept and Software Development System 

The SRDP also enables the creation of interoperability testing suites, as displayed in the following figure.

Example Interoperability Testing Suite