IDT's document update notification system gives you the option to receive email notification if specific documents on get updated. Examples include datasheet revisions, updated device models, and new software versions. The system makes it easy to transparently add any document you download to your notification subscription, with an option to choose only the documents which are most important to you.

How It Works

When you click on a document download link, you are presented with a pop-up window asking if you'd like to be notified if the document is updated. If you select 'No, not this time', nothing happens, and the document downloads normally. If you select 'Yes', you are automatically subscribed to receive a notification if that document is updated in the future*. Each day, the website will check for document updates. If an update is detected for one of your subscribed documents, it will send you an email containing links to the updated document(s). No emails will be sent unless one of your subscribed documents has been updated.

*Note: users will be required to login so that we know where to send the notification emails.

How to Manage Your Subscription

Update notification settings can be updated in your user profile. The drop-down setting allows you to change the behavior of the subscription system:

  • No - do not automatically subscribe to documents I download: This setting will prevent the document update notification pop-up from appearing when you click on document links, and will prevent any new documents from being added to your subscription. Use this setting if you have no interest in receiving document update notifications. Note that choosing this setting will not remove documents that you are already subscribed to.
  • Yes - subscribe me to any document I download: This setting will automatically subscribe you to receive update notifications for any document you download. The document update notification pop-up will not appear. The automatic subscription will happen in the background. Use this setting if you want to receive document update notifications, but don't want to be bothered by the pop-up window.
  • Ask me every time: This setting will force the update notification pop-up to show each time you click on a document link. This is useful if you prefer to control which documents get added to your update notification subscription on a document-by-document basis.

Removing documents from your update notification subscription can be accomplished by clicking the 'Unsubscribe' link next to the document. On the profile  page, you will also find a link to unsubscribe from all documents. Be sure to also change your setting to 'No - do not automatically subscribe to documents I download' if you want to prevent new document downloads to be added to your subscription going forward.

Documents get added to your update notification subscription in two ways: 1) you click 'Yes' on the pop-up window when attempting to download a new document. This happens when the 'Ask me every time' setting is on. 2) anytime you download a new document. This happens automatically when the 'Yes - subscribe me to any document I download' setting is on.

Other Important Notes

While IDT will do its best to ensure that your document update notifications arrive reliably, and on-time, there will inevitably be some reasons why you may not receive a notification. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Your email firewall prevents the delivery of the notification email
  • Your email address is inaccurate or has changed
  • You've inadvertently unsubscribed from document update notifications

To avoid these issues, please make sure to keep your user profile up-to-date, and check your subscription list in your user profile. In addition, there may be times where IDT chooses not to update an existing document on the website, and instead, creates a completely new document. If this happens, you will not be notified of the existence of a new document. Notifications only work for updates of existing documents (i.e., document replacements). For this reason, it is advisable to revisit the website periodically.