Both IDT's 82V2048 and Cortina's LXT384 are 8-channel short haul LIUs. According to the Cortina website, LXT384BE (160-pin BGA) is noted as End of Life (EOL) and LXT384LE (144-pin TQPF) is “Not Recommended for New Designs”. As a result, many existing applications may use 82V2048 to replace LXT384 in both new and existing customer designs. Overall, 82V2048 is a superset of LXT384 in features, register map and application flexibility. The IDT part is available in production in both BGA and TQFP packages. Refer to application note AN-853 for more application considerations, comparisons, and details. For other questions not addressed by the Knowledge Base, please submit a technical support request.



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AN-853 Application Considerations Using 82V204 to Replace LXT384 Application Note PDF 162 KB