Use the following steps to program the WDCO offset. Instructions for PLL0 and PLL1 are included. Program only the applicable
1) Lock the device to the XTAL input.
2) Make sure that the DPLL settings are set as follows:
DPLL0 Powered up: Register 0xB8 bit2=1
DPLL1 Powered up: Register 0xB8 bit3=1 (if applicable).
DSM_ORD0=3 (Register 0x3A, bits 6 and 7, for PLL0)
DSM_ORD1=3(Register 0x6D, bits 6 and 7, for PLL1, if applicable).
STATEx can be in any of the four states.
3) Program the “WDCOx NRMOFF” registers.
The WDCO offset will now be observed as a ppm offset on the output.
Refer to application note AN-870 for more details. For other questions not addressed by the knowledge base, please submit a technical support request


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