The ZSLS7031KIT-D1 Demonstration Kit enables a quick and easy evaluation of ITD's ZSLS7031 Isolated/Non-isolated Flyback LED Driver IC with Active PFC, which is designed to work in buck-boost and fly-back topologies. The demonstration circuit operates with peak current detection and in constant frequency mode. The ZSLS7031KIT-D1 application demonstrates operation within the universal supply voltage range of 85VAC to 265VAC with loads from 9 (about 24V forward voltage) to 19 (52V) LEDs; if operating with 230VAC, loads down to 6 LEDs (17V) can be used.


  • ZLED7031PCB-D1 Demo Board
  • 5 samples of ZSLS7031

Product Options

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ZSLS7031KITD1V1P2 Obsolete

Documentation & Downloads

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ZSLS7031KIT-D1 Demonstration Kit Description Manual PDF 709 KB
ZSLS7031 Application Note - Typical LED Driver Application Using Flyback Topology Application Note PDF 314 KB