The MicroClock  5X1503 / 5X1503L / 5X1503S Development Kit includes a USB interface connecting board, 5X1503 / 5X1503L / 5X1503S evaluation board, tiny evaluation board and 25 units of 5X1503 samples. Using the IDT Timing Commander™ GUI, customers can create their own sample in minutes and also perform signal integrity verification on the board. IDT Timing Commander™ GUI can be used to upload or program the 5X1503 series on the board through a USB interface connecting board.


  • Program MicroClock 5X1503 / 5X1503L / 5X1503S blank parts in the socket
  • Removable socket board
  • Programmer board is powered using USB port
  • Programmer board uses IDTs Timing Commander GUI to program the blank parts
  • USB port is the communication channel between the GUI and the MicroClock 5X1503 series devices in the socket
  • A tiny evaluation board can be attached to existing system for system validation


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5x1503 Family Development Kit User Guide マニュアル-ユーザーリファレンス PDF 2.19 MB
5X1503-5L1503 Family Evaluation Board User Guide マニュアル-評価ボード PDF 596 KB
5X1503-5L1503 Reference Schematic 回路図 PDF 58 KB