By configuring 82V2081 in “slicer” mode (R_MD[1:0] = 00), the receiver will work in slicer mode. 2.048MHz clock can be received and output at RDP/RDN. In order to transmit the clock, the following circuit in the figure below is proposed. For the external circuit to work, 82V2081's own transmitter needs to be in high impedance to avoid signal conflict. That can be realized by setting T_OFF = 1. Proposed Circuit is shown below. It uses two op-amps and 8 resistors. Its main function is to convert a single-ended 2.048MHz clock signal into a differential-pair signal for transmission. The advantages of this circuit include: (1) it uses fairly inexpensive components; (2) it takes a single power supply (getting rid of a need for a negative supply); (3) its gain is adjustable to better suit for the transformer used. Vo+ and Vo- of the circuit output can be directly connected to TTIP and TRING, respectively. Refer to application note AN-857 for more details. For other questions not addressed by the Knowledge Base, please submit a technical support request.


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