The 89HP0604S Repeater (QFN) Evaluation Board is designed to enable quick in-system testing of IDT’s 4-channel, 6Gbps SATA Repeater IC product.
This board provides a 2-lane connection from SATA host through the Repeaters to an HDD, SSD or other SATA device.   One of the lanes includes an 18-inch trace segment to emulate PCB connectivity. This Evaluation Board is powered from a standard PC supply 3.3V SATA power connector.  It is connected via two SATA cables to a host controller and storage device.
The 89HP0604S Repeater is I2C configured, and this Evaluation Board provides a USB-to-I2C bridge circuit which allows simple connection to a PC for accessing the Repeaters control and status registers via IDT’s Repeater Configuration Utility (GUI).  The Repeaters receiver, transmitter, and other device configuration parameters can be easily adjusted using the GUI to provide optimum operation.  Device configuration can be stored in the on-board serial EEPROM, or saved as a data file, for later use.


  • Contains one 89HP0604SZBNRG SAS/SATA Repeater that compensates for PCB trace attenuation and ISI jitter
  • 2-lane SATA interface card with full SAS/SATA protocol support
  • Short and long 18” trace path options
  • Configurable via USB or I2C interfaces using IDT Windows GUI
  • EEPROM supports automatic download of configuration data to the 89HP0604S Repeater
  • Enables individual channel configurations of ten parameters including: receiver equalization and threshold voltage, transmit swing and de-emphasis, slew rate, etc.
  • Multiple power connection options
  • Card format: 2.375” x 5.625”


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89EBP0604S (36QFN) SATA Evaluation Board User Manual 手册 - 评估板 PDF 2.16 MB
89EBP0604S Eval Board Schematics - Fab # 18-703-000 (optimized for printing) 原理图 PDF 508 KB
89EBP0604S Eval Board Schematics - Fab # 18-703-000 (layered for online viewing) 原理图 PDF 1.27 MB