The F2970 is a rugged, low insertion loss, 75 Ω SP2T (SPDT) absorptive RF switch designed for wide range of CATV and Broadband RF applications. This device covers a broad frequency range from 5 MHz to 3000 MHz. In addition to having excellent linearity and isolation performance, it also provides a 75 Ω termination to the isolated RF port.  


  • Single pole double throw with absorptive terminations on the isolated port
  • Leading performance RF over 5 - 3000 MHz
    • Isolation: 68 dB @ 1200 MHz
    • Insertion Loss: 0.32 dB @ 1200 MHz
  • High continuous RF CW Power Handling @ 85C
    • Selected RF path: 27dBm
    • Terminated RF path: 24dBm
  • High linearity:
    • IIP2 / IIP3: 95 / 63 dBm
    • CSO & CTB:  -90 dBc
  • Single 2.70 V to 3.60 V supply voltage
  • 3.3 V and 1.8 V compatible control logic
  • Operating temperature -40 to +105 °C
  • 4 × 4 mm 20-pin LQFN package

Product Options

下单器件 ID Part Status Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Carrier Type 封装 Buy Sample
F2970NCGK Active VFQFPN 20 K Cut Tape Package Info
F2970NCGK8 Active VFQFPN 20 K Reel Package Info

Documentation & Downloads

文档标题 他の言語 Type 文档格式 文件大小
F2970_Datasheet_RevO Datasheet PDF 3.69 MB
RF Product Selection Guide Guide PDF 2.72 MB
F2970 S-Parameters Model - S-Parameter ZIP 271 KB
RF Switches Family Overview ( 简体中文) English, 日本語 Overview PDF 695 KB
IDT Products for Wired Broadband Applications Application Briefs PDF 686 KB
IDT Products for Radio Applications 日本語 Product Brief PDF 2.34 MB

Boards & Kits

Part Number 文档标题 Type 公司
F2970EVBI Evaluation Board for High Reliability SPDT Absorptive RF Switch