The ZAMC4100 integrates an ARM® Cortex™-M0 microcontroller; eight power stages with integrated MOSFETs; SPI, UART and LIN2.1 communication interfaces; eight general-purpose digital input/output (I/O) pins; and four general-purpose analog inputs all in a single, compact 9x9mm QFN package. The ZAMC4100 addresses the growing demand for intelligent actuator/motor control in industrial, medical and automotive applications, and it is ideal for use where a small form factor is required or external components must be minimized.

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Hi, I'm Josh and for today's EEWeb Tech Lab, we're going to discuss ZMDI's ZAMC4100 Actuator and Motor Controller. The ZAMC4100 is an integrated single package solution that features an ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller and several peripherals that make motor and actuator control easy. With four integrated half-bridge drivers and four high-side low switches, this can control multiple motors or other loads at the same time, perfect for small yet relatively complicated scenarios. Ideally suited for the automotive industry, this also has a LIN bus interface, a wide 6-18 Volt working range with over and under voltage protection and a specific output buffer for programmable electrochromatic mirror controls using the 6-bit DAC. 
With built-in thermal protection, the ZAMC4100 will shut itself down before excess heat can cause lasting damage. So here we have the ZAMC4100 Eval Board and ZMDI also sent us this kit right here, it's a mirror kit to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the board. So the actual chip itself is right here, it's a 9mm x 9mm 64-pinQFN and it has an exposed pad on the bottom for thermal management. As you can see there's no heat sink on the top, it's letting all the heat out through the circuit board underneath. 
So despite the board being this size, the external components used for the chip itself is very minimal, it's very easy to set up. And this entire scenario is actually very easy to set up, you just have a couple of outputs right here where you can divide power and you can get sensor feedback. So, in this setup currently the half-bridges are connected to the motors and the high-side loads are for the lights and also there is a heater in here. 
They have provided an easy GUI interface here and we're gonna show a couple of the things that you can do with this controller. So, the most obvious is you can actually close the mirror and open it back up and then you can also control the different lights, turn them on and off. And you can see the current consumption right now where it’s pulling about a quarter of amp because you turn on the heater it's gonna jump up to almost an entire amp. So, all of this power is coming straight through the controller without any sort of heat sink, without any sort of problem. 
So this is a really impressive piece of technology that can control all of this stuff, great deal of power and not have any problems whatsoever. The ZAMC4100 can be used in a variety of settings from automotive, to home, medical, industrial and even security systems. Wherever you need intelligence and motor control in a very small package, the ZAMC4100 is an ideal candidate. For more information please visit