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IDT Expands Industry-leading Wireless Power Portfolio with Space-optimized Qi- and PMA-compliant Receivers to Address Densely-populated, Cost-sensitive Portable Applications

IDT’s High-performance, Compact, and Flexible Universal Frequency Translator (UFT™) Timing Solution Captures Prestigious ACE Award Presented by UBM Tech’s EE Times and EDN

IDT’s DDR4 Register, Data Buffer, and Thermal Sensor with SPD Reach Important Qualification Milestone for Use with RDIMMs and LRDIMMs in Computing and Storage Applications

IDT’s Innovative Products and Software Support Platform Garner Recognition from Prestigious Electronics Industry Publications

IDT will Demonstrate Innovative Wireless Power, Signal Integrity, and Serial RapidIO® Products

IDT’s Multi-output, Low-power Timing Solution Features Less Than 0.7ps Phase Jitter and Superior Design Flexibility, Ideal for Cost-sensitive, Low-power Consumer and Low-jitter Communications Applications

IDT’s Single-chip Wireless Power IC Offers Mobile OEMs Seamless Compatibility Between the Latest Versions of Two Popular Magnetic Induction Wireless Charging Standards

IDT to Showcase Wireless Power and Wireless Infrastructure Solutions at MWC February 24-27, 2014

Q3 GAAP Gross Margin (from Continuing Operations) of 60.1% (Non-GAAP 62.4%)
Q3 GAAP Operating Margin (from Continuing Operations) of 16.2% (Non-GAAP 22.0%)
Q3 GAAP EPS (from Continuing Operations) of $0.11 (Non-GAAP $0.17) 

IDT’s Latest Differential Fanout Buffer Family Operates at 1.8V with Comparable AC Performance to 3.3V Versions, for High-performance Communication, Computing, and Networking Applications

IDT’s Low-jitter, High-reliability MEMS Oscillators Win High-volume Consumer Socket

IDT Serial RapidIO Switches Provide 100ns Latency, Energy Efficiency, and Multi-processor Scalability for Data Center and Supercomputing Analytics Applications

IDT’s New Integrated Digital Pre-Distortion Demodulator Improves System Performance while Reducing Solution Cost, Physical Size, and Power Consumption in Wireless Base Stations

IDT’s Highly-integrated Solution Enables Development of Qi-compliant USB-powered Wireless Charging Bases With 75% Fewer ICs than Competing Solutions

IDT to Exhibit Wireless Power Solutions at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 7-10

Industry’s Only Single-chip Programmable Solutions Capable of Generating Eight Different Output Frequencies with Less Than 300 Femtoseconds Jitter Selected for Honor  

IDT’s Data Converters Also First to Perform JESD204B Interoperability Testing at 12.5 Gbps, Enabling Wider Bandwidth Support and Easing Board Routing Requirements in Multi-carrier Broadband Applications 

IDT Recognized as a Top Provider of Quality, Service, and Delivery

IDT Recognized for Innovative MEMS Oscillators, Wireless Power, and Data Converter Products

Revenue of $124.6 Million, up 6 Percent Q/Q
Q2 GAAP EPS of $0.54; Q2 Non-GAAP EPS of $0.10 
Record Revenue from RapidIO® Solutions Serving Wireless Infrastructure

IDT Expands Leading Wireless Power Portfolio with High-efficiency Solution Offering Full WPC 1.1-compliance for Smartphones, Tablets, and Accessories

IDT’s Latest UFT Devices are the Industry’s Only Single-chip Programmable Solutions Capable of Generating Eight Different Output Frequencies with Less Than 300 Femtoseconds Jitter

IDT’s Innovative Support Tools Expedite Development Cycles by Empowering Customers to Program Sophisticated Timing Devices with an Intuitive and Flexible Graphical User Interface

IDT’s Low-noise, Configurable, JESD204B Fanout Buffer Distributes High-quality Clock Signals to Data Converters in Wireless Base Stations for Optimal System Performance and Cost Efficiency

Company Appoints Brian C. White as Chief Financial Officer 

IDT’s Latest EyeBoost Retimer Improves PCIe Gen 3 Performance and Reliability by Restoring Signal Quality Across Long or Noisy Connections in Computing, Storage and Communication Applications

IDT’s RapidIO Switches and Bridges Provide Low Latency, Energy Efficiency, and Multi-processor Scalability for Intel-based Data Center and Supercomputing Solutions

IDT will Participate in DDR4 Memory Ecosystem Panel and Showcase Latest Innovations that Complement Intel-based Enterprise and Consumer Computing Platforms

Board Member Jeffrey McCreary Appointed Interim President & CEO

Q1 Revenue of $118.0 Million, up 9 Percent Q/Q
Record Sales of RapidIO® Solutions, Strong Recovery in Core Business  

IDT’s Wireless Power Transmitter Selected for its Multi-coil Support, Compact Size, Reduced BOM, and Superior Customer Support; TYLT VÜ to be Offered for Sale by Verizon Wireless and TYLT

IDT to Exhibit Award-winning Wireless Power Transmitters and Receivers Along with Next-generation Innovative Wireless Power Solutions 

IDT’s Innovative Solutions Address Next-generation WPC 1.1-compliant 5V and 12V Chargers with the Industry’s Smallest Application Footprint and BOM

IDT Reduces Jitter by Over 50% Versus Competing Solutions and Offers the Industry’s First SyncE-compliant Solution that Meets the Most Stringent 10G or 40G Ethernet Performance Requirements

IDT’s Patented Solution Offers Intelligent, Scalable, Distributed Output Current Capability to Meet the Cross-platform Power Requirements of Various Applications with a Single PMIC

IDT’s Comprehensive Offering of Communication Signal Chain Products and Innovative Technology Enable Engineers to Solve Phase Noise-related Challenges and Build Cutting-edge Systems

IDT’s Low-latency, High-performance-per-watt RapidIO Switches Enable Prodrive and nCore to Use Texas Instrument’s RapidIO-compatible ARM+DSP Processors and Leapfrog Supercomputing Incumbents

IDT’s Leading Timing Technology Enables Customers to Solve Phase Noise-related Challenges in High-performance Communication and Networking Applications

New Low-power Quad 16-bit DAC Enables Wide Bandwidth Support and Eases Board Routing Requirements in High-performance Wireless Communication Systems

IDT’s LVDS / LVPECL MEMS Oscillators with Sub-picosecond Jitter Are Ideal for High-performance Communications, Consumer, Cloud, and Industrial Applications

Q4 Revenue of $108.5 Million, FY13 Revenue of $487.2 Million
New Product Revenue up 6 Percent Q/Q & up 56 Percent Y/Y 

IDT’s PMIC Technology Offers Intelligent, Scalable, Distributed Output Current Capability to Meet Varying SoC Power Requirements and Overcome Thermal Limitations

IDT’s True Drop-In Replacement DSA Integrates DC-blocking Capacitors to Reduce the Bill-of-materials and Maximize Performance in Base Station and Industrial Applications

IDT’s Innovative Solution Bridges the Technology Gap Between Wireless Power Transmission Standards, Allowing OEMs to Address Multiple Standards with a Single Receiver Device

IDT’s 4H LVDS / LVPECL MEMS Oscillators with 100 Femtoseconds Typical Phase Jitter and Adaptable Output Frequency Reduces BER in High-performance 10GbE and Networking Applications

IDT’s Programmable VersaClock® Provides All Required Clock Signals for Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC in TED’s ‘inrevium’ Evaluation Platform, Including User-configurable Output

IDT’s Leading 4M and 4E MEMS Oscillators and CEO Ted Tewksbury, Ph.D. Garner Recognition from Prestigious Electronics Industry Publications

IDT Captures Power Management Product of the Year Award for Its Innovative Wireless Power Transmitter and Receiver Solutions

IDT’s Patent-protected Compression IP Reduces System Cost by Enabling the Use of Low Cost Fiber to Connect RRUs to Baseband Unit in Wireless Infrastructure

IDT to Showcase Latest Innovations in Wireless Power and Wireless Infrastructure at Two Major Customer Events

IDT’s Innovative Wireless Power Transmitter and Receiver Recognized by Leading Chinese Publication as the Most Promising Power Management Product in 2012

IDT’s Enhanced 4E MEMS Oscillators Offer Configurable Outputs in an Industry-standard Package Footprint, Saving Board Area in Communication, Networking, and Storage Applications

IDT’s PCIe Gen3 Flash Controller Family Provides a Standard NVMe SSD Solution, Enabling Enterprise Storage and Server OEMs to Dramatically Improve Latency and Throughput Performance

IDT to Showcase Magnetic Induction- and Resonance-based Wireless Power Solutions at 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 8-11

Newest Members of WPC Qi-compliant Magnetic Induction Wireless Power Transmitters Optimized for Single-coil 5V and Three-coil 12V Applications

IDT Product also Recognized as 2012 Elektra Awards Finalist for Highly-integrated Smart Grid Energy Metering Solution Offering the Widest Dynamic Range

IDT’s Low-power High-speed DAC Delivers Best-in-class Performance, Eases Cooling Requirements, and Simplifies Board Routing with the JESD204B Serial Interface