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In a Three-Year Arrangement, IDT’s Low-Latency RapidIO Interconnect Technology Will Be Used for More Efficient and Effective Analysis of Massive Data at CERN

With RMS Additive Phase Jitter of Sub-50 fsec, the new Buffers Deliver Best-in-Class Performance in an Extremely Small 2 Millimeter-by-2 Millimeter Package

The Company’s Development of Innovative RF Chips Began in 2009 with Just 3 Engineers

The Ultra-Compact P9027 Offers Shorter Charging Times and Improved Thermal Performance

IDT’s Wireless Technology Deployed to Offer a Better User Experience  for Phones and a Variety of Other Applications

The New Solution Can Serve as Both Receiver and Transmitter, Supporting All 3 Major Wireless Power Standards

The P9240 Transmitter and P9022A Receiver Bring Wireless Charging Capabilities to Medium-Sized Electronic Devices

New Platform’s Mobile GPU Clustering Enables Big Data Analytics at Local Base Stations for More Timely and Pertinent Results

Q3 FY15 Revenue of $151.2M; up 10.3% Q/Q and 21.3% Y/Y
Q3 FY15 GAAP Diluted EPS (from Continuing Operations) of $0.21
Q3 FY15 Non-GAAP Diluted EPS of $0.25

New Director Brings Proven Leadership to the Semiconductor Company Board

Sponsored by IDT, Registration is Now Open for the Unique New Sport that Splits a 15K Race into 2 Legs

Offered in Frequencies from 16 kHz to 1.5 GHz, the XU and XL Families Deliver Industry-leading Price-vs.-Performance Ratio

Over Past Decade, the Company has Sold More Than 100 Million PCIe Buffers in All

To Be Showcased At CES 2015, 4MOD Technology Deploys IDT Transmitter and Receiver for Complete Qi-Standard Wireless Charging System

Based on the 10xN Spec and Aligned with the Open Compute Project, IDT’s IP Core Targets Wireless, High-Performance Computing, Analytics and Embedded Markets

The Low-power Programmable Clock Generators Vary in Numbers of Outputs and Output Types, Enabling Engineers to Meet Exact Timing Needs for Various Applications

Sponsored by Electronics Weekly, the Prize Marks the Third Prestigious Award for IDT’s Industry-Leading Timing Solution

Scalable Cluster of NVIDIA Mobile Tegra K1 GPUs Connected with RapidIO Interconnect Enables Thousands of Nodes, Offering Best-in-Class Compute-to-I/O Performance

The 8T49NS010 Synthesizer Features 10 Outputs with Only 86 Femtoseconds RMS Phase Jitter, Making it Ideal for 40GE and 100GE Applications

With High Levels of Integration and Low Standby Power Consumption, the High-Efficiency Devices Target Wireless Charging Systems for Smart Phones, Wearables and Furniture

The IDT F0480 Simplifies Design of Radio Frequency Variable Gain Amplifier Function While Making Implementation More Reliable

Newest Member of the Fast-Growing IDT RF Portfolio is Ideal for LTE and TDD Systems

Kube Systems Leverages the IDT Transmitters for the Hotel Brand’s State-of-the-Art Charging Stations

Q2 FY15 Revenue (from Continuing Operations) of $137.1M; up 8.5% Q/Q and 10.5% Y/Y
Q2 FY15 GAAP Diluted EPS (from Continuing Operations) of $0.16
Q2 FY15 Non-GAAP Diluted EPS of $0.20

The New Devices Offer Tested ITU-T G.8262-Compliant Solutions that Provide Frequency Generation Flexibility and Facilitate Design Reusability

The F2912, an Absorptive 50 ohm SP2T RF Switch, is the First in a New Family of IDT RF Products

New Clock Generators and Multiplexers Deliver Space and Power Savings for Next-Generation Electronics

Devices Use Physical Layer Frequency Support to Stabilize Low-Cost Oscillators Creating Highly Stable Frequency References for IEEE 1588 Clock Recovery Software

DDR4 RDIMM and LRDIMM to Begin Volume Ramp with Official Launch at Intel Developer Forum

IDT and Intel® Advancing Wireless Charging on Low-Power Solutions

20 Gbps Energy-Efficient Interconnect with 100 ns Switch Latency and x86 Cluster Key to High-Performance Analytics on Social Media Traffic for Base Station Co-Location

Forums to Focus on Wearables and Power Management ICs

IDT is Again Sponsoring the San Jose 15K Race, the “Only Running Event with a Halftime”

Q1 FY15 Revenue of $126.3M; up 6.5% Q/Q and 7.5% Y/Y
Q1 FY15 GAAP Diluted EPS (from Continuing Operations) of $0.11
Q1 FY15 Non-GAAP Diluted EPS of $0.17

The IDTP9025A Wireless Power Receiver Reduces Board Space, Simplifies Bill-of-Materials, and Lowers Cost

IDT’s SoC-friendly Ultra-low Power PCIe Buffers Use the Same 1.5 V Voltage Rail as Modern SoCs, Reducing System Complexity, Size, and Power

The IDTP9026’s Patented Technology Lets Customers Eliminate Many External Components, Helping Cut Costs While Reducing PCB Real Estate

The Milestone Comes as Market Demand Grows for the Enhanced Performance, Scalability and Power Efficiency Promised by DDR4 Memory

Demos Will Focus on Company’s Latest Innovations in Timing, Including the Award-winning Universal Frequency Translator, as Well as the IDTP9145, a PMIC Designed for the Intel BayTrail Atom Processor 

The Collaboration Will Enable Accelerated Development of Third-Generation RapidIO Switches While Expanding the RapidIO Ecosystem

The Recognition Marks the Second Time in 3 Months That This Ultra-High-Performance Programmable Timing Device Has Received a Prestigious Industry Award

IDT’s Latest RF Signal Path Solution Features Zero-Distortion™ Technology to Deliver Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption Modulator

Prestigious Chinese Publication Recognizes the IDTP9021, the Industry’s First Wireless Power Receiver Compatible with Both WPC and PMA Standards

Q4 Revenue of $118.6M, up 10 Percent Y/Y
Q4 Cash from Operations of $27.4M, 23% of revenue 

IDT’s Low-jitter Ethernet Timing Products Improve Reliability of IEEE 1588 Clock Transport and Offer Flexibility with an Integrated Ethernet DPLL and DCO in a Single Chip

IDT Expands Industry-leading Wireless Power Portfolio with Space-optimized Qi- and PMA-compliant Receivers to Address Densely-populated, Cost-sensitive Portable Applications

IDT’s High-performance, Compact, and Flexible Universal Frequency Translator (UFT™) Timing Solution Captures Prestigious ACE Award Presented by UBM Tech’s EE Times and EDN

IDT’s DDR4 Register, Data Buffer, and Thermal Sensor with SPD Reach Important Qualification Milestone for Use with RDIMMs and LRDIMMs in Computing and Storage Applications

IDT’s Innovative Products and Software Support Platform Garner Recognition from Prestigious Electronics Industry Publications

IDT will Demonstrate Innovative Wireless Power, Signal Integrity, and Serial RapidIO® Products

IDT’s Multi-output, Low-power Timing Solution Features Less Than 0.7ps Phase Jitter and Superior Design Flexibility, Ideal for Cost-sensitive, Low-power Consumer and Low-jitter Communications Applications

IDT’s Single-chip Wireless Power IC Offers Mobile OEMs Seamless Compatibility Between the Latest Versions of Two Popular Magnetic Induction Wireless Charging Standards

IDT to Showcase Wireless Power and Wireless Infrastructure Solutions at MWC February 24-27, 2014

Q3 GAAP Gross Margin (from Continuing Operations) of 60.1% (Non-GAAP 62.4%)
Q3 GAAP Operating Margin (from Continuing Operations) of 16.2% (Non-GAAP 22.0%)
Q3 GAAP EPS (from Continuing Operations) of $0.11 (Non-GAAP $0.17) 

IDT’s Latest Differential Fanout Buffer Family Operates at 1.8V with Comparable AC Performance to 3.3V Versions, for High-performance Communication, Computing, and Networking Applications

IDT’s Low-jitter, High-reliability MEMS Oscillators Win High-volume Consumer Socket

IDT Serial RapidIO Switches Provide 100ns Latency, Energy Efficiency, and Multi-processor Scalability for Data Center and Supercomputing Analytics Applications