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Timing Commander Software Download and Resource Guide

IDT's Timing Commander™ is an innovative Windows™-based software platform enabling system design engineers to configure, program, and monitor sophisticated timing devices with an intuitive and flexible graphical user interface (GUI). The support tool empowers customers to expedite development cycles and optimize the configuration of IDT's industry-leading clocking solutions.

Timing Commander Download

     ► IDT Timing Commander Customer Installer

Product Personality Downloads

     ► 5P1103 Timing Commander Personality File
     ► 5P1105 Timing Commander Personality File
     ► 5P49V59xx (VersaClock 5) Personality File
     ► 5P49V69xx (VersaClock 6) Personality File
     ► 8T49N24x (UFT) Timing Commander Personality File
     ► 8T49N28x (UFT) Timing Commander Personality File
     ► 8T79S818I-08 Personality File
     ► 8V97051 Timing Commander Personality File
     ► Generic 24 Register GUI Personality File

Installation and User Guides

    ► Timing Commander Installation Guide
    ► Timing Commander User Guide
    ► VersaClock 5 Timing Commander Users Guide
    ► 5P11xx Timing Commander User Guide (Programmable Buffers)

More Information About Timing Commander

The Timing Commander platform is designed to serve user-friendly configuration interfaces, known as personalities, for various IDT products and product families. With a few simple clicks, the user is presented with a comprehensive, interactive block diagram offering the ability to modify desired input values, output values, and other configuration settings. The software automatically makes calculations, reports status monitors, and prepares register settings without the need to reference a datasheet. The tool also automatically loads the configuration settings over USB to an IDT evaluation board for immediate application in the circuit. Once the device has been configured and tuned for optimal system performance, the configuration file can be saved for factory-level programming prior to shipment.

The Timing Commander software allows users to zoom in and out of a device's block diagram, and to click on various blocks to learn more about their functions and toggle key parameters. Hovering over input fields provides detailed information about the field without the need to reference the datasheet, while a fractional input syntax avoids issues with infinite decimals. Additional functionality includes the ability to protect input fields once they've been set, and directly view and modify register settings individually or collectively as desired for ultimate flexibility. Device-dependent advanced features include the ability to generate phase noise plots, generate the schematic symbol and termination circuit, and calculate estimated power consumption.

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