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IDT Direct™ Online Samples, Quotes, and Orders

Welcome! IDT Direct is a service for customers to sample, quote, and purchase product directly from IDT. We actively stock hundreds of our most popular products for direct shipment to our U.S. customers. For customers outside of the U.S., or for products that are not available through IDT Direct, our website and support team will provide information to help you purchase product from our worldwide distribution network.

Looking for the right part?
Browse IDT’s extensive library of products using our parametric search table to find the exact part to meet your specifications. You will find links on the product pages to check product availability through IDT Direct and our partner distributors.

Already know what you want?
Enter the IDT part number in the box below to check its availability. After submitting the part number, you will be presented with options for sample, quote, and order. You may select options from IDT Direct as well as from partners from our worldwide distribution network.

Enter IDT Orderable Part Number:




For questions or support regarding the IDT Direct™ program, please contact us at or 1-855-IDT-BUY1 (1-855-438-2891). Faxes should be sent to 1-408-574-6750.

*IDT Direct™ is currently available for customers who purchase in the US only. All orders must be for resale and customers must have a valid tax ID number. Orders for resale means that you are manufacturing a product to be re-sold, and are not subject to sales tax.