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M675S02 - Block Diagram
M675S02 - Pinout


Sige Single Frequency VCSO

The M675S02 is a single frequency/single output SAW-based VCSO for low-jitter clock generation. The SAW (surface acoustic wave) delay line serves as a high-Q resontaor and the low noise SiGe VCSO IC provides a low noise floor and low 1/f phase noise. The combination of the SAW delay line and the custom IC result in very low phase noise and jitter performance. The M675S02 is available in frequencies from 500 to 1000 MHz with a guaranteed minimum pull-range of ±120 ppm. Industry-standard Kvco (VCO Gain) provides full replacement compatibility for most designs. The M675S02 is well suited for phase-locked loop applications, clock and data recovery circuits and other timing applications in telecom and optical fiber networking systems.


  • Integrated SAW device
  • Low phase jitter 0.2ps rms typical for the M675S02 (50kHz to 80MHz) - Design Target
  • Output frequencies from 500 to 1000 MHz (Specify center frequencies at time of order)
  • Industry-standard Kvco for full compatibility
  • Differential 3.3V LVPECL output
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Small 5 x 7.5mm SMT (surface mount) package
  • Pb-free / Compliant to EC RoHS Directive (RoHS 5/6)

Product Specification

Outputs (#)Output TypeOutput Freq Range (MHz)Supply Voltage (V)Phase Jitter Typ RMS (ps)Freq. Stability Total (± PPM)
1LVPECL622.080000, 644.531300, 669.326600, 693.483000, 698.812300, 699.5175003.300.155120

Product Options

Orderable Part IDPart StatusPkg. CodePkg. TypeLead Count (#)Temp. GradePb (Lead) FreeCarrier TypeSample & Buy
M675S02-AAObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesTubeCheck Availability
M675S02-AATObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesReelCheck Availability
M675S02-ADObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesTubeCheck Availability
M675S02-ADTObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesReelCheck Availability
M675S02-AHObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesTubeCheck Availability
M675S02-AHTObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesReelCheck Availability
M675S02-ALObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesTubeCheck Availability
M675S02-ALTObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesReelCheck Availability
M675S02-ATObsoleteCB6CLCC6NYesTubeCheck Availability
M675S02-ATTObsoleteCB6CLCC6NYesReelCheck Availability
M675S02-AVObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesTubeCheck Availability
M675S02-AVTObsoleteCB6CLCC6IYesReelCheck Availability


Technical Documentation

Title Type Format File Size Datesort icon
PCN# : TB1303-02 Change of Tape & Reel Packing Method for Selective Products Product Change Notice PDF 361 KB Mar 24, 2013
PDN# : Z-13-01 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 71 KB Mar 19, 2013