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Frequency Timing Generator for Dual Server/Workstation Systems

The IDT932S200 is a dual CPU clock generator for serverworks HE-T, HE-SL-T, LE-T chipsets for P III type processors in a Dual-CPU system. Single ended CPU clocks provide faster than 1.5V/ns transition times by parallel connection of 2 CPU pins to each processor. Spread Spectrum may be enabled by driving the SPREAD# pin active. Spread spectrum typically reduces system EMI by 8dB to 10dB. This simplifies EMI qualification without resorting to board design iterations or costly shielding. The IDT932S200 employs a proprietary closed loop design, which tightly controls the percentage of spreading over process and temperature variations.


  • 6 CPU clocks ( 2.5V, 100/133MHz)
  • 6 PCI clocks, including 1 free running(3.3V,
  • 33MHz)3 IOAPIC clocks (2.5V, 16.67MHz)
  • 2 Fixed frequency 66MHz clocks(3.3V, 66MHz)
  • 2 REF clocks(3.3V, 14.318MHz)
  • 1 USB clock (3.3V, 48MHz)
  • Efficient power management through PD#,
  • CPU_STOP# and PCI_STOP#.0.5% typical down spread modulation on CPUPCI,
  • IOAPIC and 3V66 output clocks.Uses external 14.318MHz crystal.

Product Specification

Chipset ManufacturerChipset NameClock Spec.Core Voltage (V)Input Freq (MHz)Outputs (#)Platform NamePower Consumption Typ (mW)Spread SpectrumXtal Freq (kHz)

Product Options

Orderable Part IDPart StatusPkg. CodePkg. TypeLead Count (#)Temp. GradePb (Lead) FreeCarrier TypeSample & Buy
932S200BFLFObsoletePVG56SSOP56CYesTubeCheck Availability
932S200BFLFTObsoletePVG56SSOP56CYesReelCheck Availability


Technical Documentation

Title Type Format File Size Datesort icon
Datasheets & Errata
932S200 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 139 KB Feb 10, 2009
PCN# : A1403-03 Gold wire to Copper wire Product Change Notice PDF 42 KB Oct 15, 2014
PDN# : K-13-01R2 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 125 KB Oct 3, 2013
PCN# : TB1303-02 Change of Tape & Reel Packing Method for Selective Products Product Change Notice PDF 361 KB Mar 24, 2013
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PDN# : K-13-01R1 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 125 KB Feb 28, 2013
PDN# : K-13-01 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 122 KB Jan 16, 2013
PCN#: TB-0510-05 New Shipping Tube for TSSOP/TVSOP/TSSOP Exposed Product Change Notice PDF 201 KB Dec 13, 2005

Software & Tools

Title Type Format File Size Datesort icon
932S200 IBIS Model Model - IBIS ZIP 21 KB Mar 24, 2006