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10Base-T/100Base-TX Integrated PHYceiver™ with RMII Interface

The IDT1894-40 is a low-power, physical-layer device (PHY) that supports the ISO/IEC 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Carrier-Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) Ethernet standards, ISO/IEC 8802-3. The IDT1894-40 is intended for MII, Node applications that require the Auto-MDIX feature that automatically corrects crossover errors in plant wiring. The IDT1894-40 incorporates Digital-Signal Processing (DSP) control in its Physical-Medium Dependent (PMD) sub layer. As a result, it can transmit and receive data on unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) category 5 cables with attenuation in excess of 24 dB at 100MHz. With this IDT-patented technology, the IDT1894-40 can virtually eliminate errors from killer packets. The IDT1894-40 provides a Serial-Management Interface for exchanging command and status information with a Station-Management (STA) entity. The IDT1894-40 Media-Dependent Interface (MDI) can be configured to provide either half- or full-duplex operation at data rates of 10 Mb/s or 100Mb/s. In addition, the IDT1894-40 includes a programmable interupt output function. This function consists of a digital output pin, an interrupt control register, a set of interrupt status register bits and a corresponding set of interrupt enable bits, and a pre-defined set of events which can be assigned as one of the interrupt sources. The purpose of this function is to notify the host of this PHY device when certain event happens via interrupt (the logic level on interrupt output pin going low or going high) instead of polling by the host. The events that could be used to generate interrupts are: receiver error, Jabber, page received, parallel detect fault, link partner acknowledge, link status change, auto-negotiation complete, remote fault, collision, etc. Applications: NIC cards, PC motherboards, switches, routers, DSL and cable modems, game machines, printers, network connected appliances, and industrial equipment.


  • Supports category 5 cables with attenuation in excess of 24dB at 100 MHz.
  • Single-chip, fully integrated PHY provides PCS, PMA, PMD, and AUTONEG sub layers functions of IEEE standard.
  • 10Base-T and 100Base-TX IEEE 8802.3 compliant
  • MIIM (MDC/MDIO) management bus for PHY register configuration
  • RMII interface support with external 50 MHz system clock
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Highly configurable
  • Media Independent Interface (MII)
  • Auto-Negotiation with Parallel detection
  • Node applications, managed or unmanaged
  • 10M or 100M full and half-duplex modes
  • Loopback mode for Diagnostic FunctionsAuto-MDI/MDIX crossover correction
  • Low-power CMOS (typically 300 mW)
  • Power-Down mode typically 21mW
  • Clock and crystal supported
  • Interrupt pin option
  • Fully integrated, DSP-based PMDAdaptive equalization and baseline-wander correction
  • Transmit wave shaping and stream cipher scrambler
  • MLT-3 encoder and NRZ/NRZI encoder
  • Single power supply (3.3 V)
  • Built-in 1.8 V regulator for core
  • Available in 32-pin (5mm x 5mm) QFN package, Pb-free
  • Available in Industrial Temp and Lead Free

Product Options

Orderable Part IDPart StatusPkg. CodePkg. TypeLead Count (#)Temp. GradePb (Lead) FreeCarrier TypeSample & Buy
1894K-40LFActiveNLG40VFQFPN40CYesTrayCheck Availability
1894K-40LFTActiveNLG40VFQFPN40CYesReelCheck Availability
1894KI-40LFNot Recommended
NLG40VFQFPN40IYesTrayCheck Availability
1894KI-40LFTNot Recommended
NLG40VFQFPN40IYesReelCheck Availability


Technical Documentation

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Datasheets & Errata
1894-40 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 336 KB Feb 24, 2012
PCN# : TB1504-01R1 Qty per Reel Standardization for Selective Packages Product Change Notice PDF 95 KB Oct 22, 2015
PCN# : TB1504-01 Qty per Reel Standardization for Selective Packages Product Change Notice PDF 50 KB Jul 21, 2015
PDN# : CQ-15-01 (R1) Quarter PDN for Declined Market Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 550 KB Mar 11, 2015
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PDN# : CQ-15-01 Quarter PDN for Declined Market Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 547 KB Jan 23, 2015
PCN# : TB1311-01 New Carrier Tape on VFQFPN-28, VFQFPN-40, VFQFPN-48 Product Change Notice PDF 790 KB Apr 8, 2014