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RapidIO Switches

IDT offers an extensive line of high-performance, low power, low-latency RapidIO switches which are ideal for peer-to-peer multiprocessor embedded systems up to 12.5 Gbaud per serial link. IDT's RapidIO switches are low power, low latency with industry leading interoperability, configurability, and power per port. Today, IDT is shipping six generations of RapidIO switches in wireless, video, military, and industrial applications supporting both the RapidIO 3.1, 2.1 and 1.3 standards.

RapidIO switches are the backbone of 4G, CRAN and 5G wireless base stations for chip-to-chip, board-to-board and chassis-to-chassis links including secure encryption/decryption of the S-RIO protocol for out-of-the-box cabling. This overall offering makes pervasive mobile broadband a reality. IDT RapidIO is literally bringing high definition real-time imaging, video and teleconferencing systems to life. In military and embedded computing, the reliability and robustness of IDT RapidIO is battlefield proven, making missions safer and making it possible for OEMs to deploy complex multi-processor systems in everything from fighter aircraft to shipborne electronics.

RapidIO is ideal for connecting clusters of embedded processors in a peer-to-peer network, which to date has been impossible with other embedded interconnect for any system that requires a more than a few processors and where large amounts of data must be exchanged between processors with low and deterministic latency with no software overhead for protocol termination.

The IDT portfolio of switches includes products with a rich set of features spanning all required port counts and bandwidth. With IDT's combined Tsi, CPS and RXS switch portfolio, we offer the industry's most comprehensive family of RapidIO switches. Download the IDT Serial RapidIO Switch Feature Comparison Chart (PDF) for a detailed comparison of the RXS, CPS and Tsi RapidIO devices.

IDT Secure-Access Information Documents and Literature
Please contact for full access to all product collateral including: datasheets, users manuals, device models, software tools, reference designs, application notes and white papers.

Video: Introduction to Serial RapidIO

Video: RapidIO 10xN (Gen 3) Switches by IDT

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Throughput (Gbps)Cut Through Latency (ns)RapidIO LanesPorts (#)Multicast Masks (#)Individual Port ShutdownOn-Die ScopePacket Trace/Mirror/FilterProg Rec Equal per PortS-RIO Specification
CPS-1432 Datasheet80HCPS1432 - Block Diagram80HCPS1432
RapidIO Switch
CPS-1616 Datasheet80HCPS1616 - Block Diagram80HCPS1616
RapidIO Switch
CPS-1848 Datasheet80HCPS1848 - Block Diagram80HCPS1848
RapidIO Switch
SPS-1616 Datasheet80HSPS1616 - Block Diagram80HSPS1616
RapidIO Switch
CPS-8 Datasheet80KSW0003 - Block Diagram80KSW0003
RapidIO Switch
CPS-10Q Datasheet Rev 180KSW0005 - Block Diagram80KSW0005
RapidIO Switch
RXS1632 DatasheetRXS1632 Block DiagramRXS1632
16-Port, 32-Lane, 400 Gbps, ...
RXS2448 DatasheetRXS2448 Block DiagramRXS2448
24-Port, 48-Lane, 600 Gbps, ...
Tsi572 Hardware ManualTsi572 - Block DiagramTSI572
RapidIO Switch
Tsi574 Hardware ManualTsi574 - Block DiagramTSI574
RapidIO Switch
Tsi577 Hardware ManualTsi577 Block DiagramTSI577
RapidIO Switch
Tsi578 Hardware ManualTsi578 - Block DiagramTSI578
RapidIO Switch