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CommAgility AMC-D1F1


The CommAgility AMC-D1F1-1200 is a single width, mid-height Advanced Mezzanine Card offering unprecedented signal processing performance and bandwidth in a highly compact package, for wireless telecom, medical imaging, and other high performance applications. Using the fastest available DSP along with a large FPGA enables an application to be balanced and optimized for most effective use of resources and development time.

A full 10 Gbps RapidIO infrastructure based on the PICMG AMC.4 standard provides the deterministic bandwidth needed for radio or other raw data transfers on and off card. Separate AMC.2 Gigabit Ethernet is provided for control, management and delivery of baseband or other processed data streams. Additional I/O is provided to the backplane or front panel through multiple high-speed serial ports.

If modifications be required to make this product fit your OEM requirements, CommAgility is fully set up to support your needs through customization of the hardware architecture or providing additional software and firmware.

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  • 1.2 GHz TI TMS320C6455 DSP
  • Xilinx Virtex-4 FX100 FPGA, fully customer programmable
  • Over 256 MB memory
  • 10 Gbps 4x RapidIO infrastructure
  • Full Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure
  • SRIO and programmable front panel I/O
  • Connectors and space for addition of a mezzanine board
  • Single width, mid-height PICMG AMC.0 R2.0 Advanced Mezzanine Card
  • Software and firmware library support
  • Developed for use in OEM products
  • Fully supported with customisation options and OEM lifecycle services