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CommAgility AMC-V6


The CommAgility AMC-V6 is a high performance FPGA-based interface and processing card for the wireless baseband applications, and is ideal for wireless front-end applications requiring multiple 6G CPRI links. It is powered by a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, which may be either an LX240T-2 or LX5550T-2.
SRIO V2.1 at up to 20Gbps per port is supported by an IDT CPS-1848 Serial RapidIO switch. The board provides three front panel SFP+ optical interfaces that provide flexible high-speed links, and are configurable as CPRI, OBSAI, GigE, SRIO or other standards. Alternatively, dual mini-SAS connectors offer up to 40 Gbps of front panel I/O. Timing and synchronisation is achieved via GPS, the front panel or backplane clock I/O, and no additional timing equipment is required which significantly reduces systems complexity. 
A range of build options is available, and further customization is possible in volume, to enable the best technical and commercial fit to a customer application to be achieved. For more information about the CommAgility AMC-V6, see  
Features and Benefits
  • Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA (LX240T-2 FPGA standard build - up to LX550T-2 FPGA possible) - high performance FPGA resource for wireless baseband applications
  • Memory includes two banks of DDR3 SDRAM, as well as FLASH memory - latest external memory technology with multiple high bandwidth buses, and storage available for multiple FPGA configurations and additional software 
  • IDT CPS-1848 Serial RapidIO switch - SRIO V2.1 at up to 20Gbps per port
  • Separate “glue logic” for board configuration and management. Flexible front panel I/O options - allows control, FPGA configuration and FLASH reprogramming over SRIO
  • Flexible front panel I/O options - suitable for multiple applications
  • Dual mini-SAS, to FPGA and SRIO - flexible, high-speed cabled connectivity
  • Three front panel SFP+ optical interfaces configurable as CPRI, OBSAI, GigE, SRIO or other standards - flexible high-speed optical links, especially suitable for wireless applications
  • Timing and synchronisation from GPS, front panel or backplane clock I/O - no additional timing equipment needed, significantly reducing system complexity; syncs easily to wireless test equipment
  • Single width PICMG AMC.0 R2.0 Advanced Mezzanine Card - works with industry standard MicroTCA chassis; can also run standalone