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FET Corp RapidFET Probe


The FET Corp™ RapidFET Probe™ is an external module that can run RapidFET software without needing a server running on one of  the existing processors in a system. The RapidFET Probe contains a processor endpoint and a RapidIO switch that facilitates multi-port interconnectivity into a target system. 
The module exists in Flash and the endpoint and switch are pre-configured for the intended operation. Using the RapidFET Probe and appropriate adapters, any system with AMC, XMC, or SMA can be quickly accessed with RapidFET.
While shipping your products with RapidFET modules already in Flash makes it easy to diagnose a system at any time, RapidFET Probe allows you to instantaneously connect to any RapidIO system without the need to power it down or reset a processor.  This can save significant time and allow you to analyze systems in a failed state providing you with invaluable information about the source of the problem.
The RapidFET Probe is shipped with two 4x RapidIO cables. Adapters are available for AMC, XMC, and SMA connectivity as well. Other adapters may be available upon request.
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Board Bring-up 
Use RapidFET to configure each processing element in your system. Single step through Discovery and edit registers anywhere in your system easily. Run diagnostics for hours while keeping a record of behaviors in a fault log. Support new or custom semiconductors easily.
Application Prototyping 
RapidFET abstracts the user from needing to be a low-level protocol expert just to do basic performance testing. Discover, enumerate, and set up routing tables automatically. Monitor parameters such as throughput and congestion by opening a Watch Window for any given link. Leverage the RapidIO driver provided with RapidFET – source code provided free.
Architecture diagrams are easily produced, standard system configuration reports are essential and easy to do when you wish to baseline your design. Documented fault reports are simple and comprehensive. 
Component Testing 
FPGA or ASIC RapidIO processing element verification and compliance testing can be easily performed using RapidFET. RapidFET supports new or custom devices by allowing the user to create a custom processing element device library file by following a documented open standard file format. Switches and bridges can be stimulated to respond to a variety of types of transactions while being monitored for a variety of performance or error conditions.
Leverage built-in diagnostic capabilities such as routing table validation and generate reports automatically. Set up a secure Internet connection to your customers system and run RapidFET remotely! Instantly diagnose down links, intermittent connections, run basic diagnostics. Upload register dumps, routing tables and run comprehensive diagnostics overnight while RapidFET logs vital data for your reports.
Show your customer how easy RapidIO is to use. Use the RapidFET interactive system map, to highlight your device and drill down into registers easily, graphically and change values anywhere in the system, call up user manuals for any semiconductor in the network.