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IDT RapidIO Power Calculator


The IDT Tsi RapidIO Power Calculator provides RapidIO switch power consumption under various conditions. It provides an application-specific view of power by taking into account the specific configuration of the switch.
The tool enables power to be determined for various combinations of link speeds (3.125, 2.5, 1.25 Gbaud), lane configurations (4x, 1x), and port counts used on a specific IDT Tsi switch. The tool also can estimate power based on non-standard RapidIO rates or varying traffic conditions.
     Document Title: IDT Serial RapidIO Power Calculator ** 
     Type:  Software
     Version: 1
     Release Date:  Jan. 28, 2009
     File Info:   Internal URL
** For access to the Power Calculator, please submit a Technical Support Request indicating your port configuration for power analysis.