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Serial RapidIO® Solutions

RapidIO solutions from IDT include bridging and switching products that are ideal for building peer-to-peer multi-processor systems with 100ns latency, low power consumption, reliable packet termination — all with industry-standard based support at up to 50 Gbps per port. IDT’s Serial RapidIO solutions are ideal for wireless base station infrastructure, high performance computing, data centers, server, video, imaging, military and industrial control applications.

IDT Secure-Access Information Documents and Literature
The following product pages contain a comprehensive list of secure and non-secure RapidIO support resources, such as datasheets, manuals, device models, software tools, and applications notes. To obtain access to the secure collaterals, please contact Once a request is made, a representative from IDT will contact you to determine your eligibility.

Additional Downloads and Videos:

► Download the Interconnect for Open High-Performance Computing White Paper (PDF)
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► Download the Military-Aerospace Products Overview (PDF)
► Download the RapidIO Interconnect for Servers and Supercomputing Product Brief (PDF)
► Download the Switching and Bridging Solutions Overview (PDF)
► Video: "Energy Efficient BrownDwarf Supercomputer Changes the Game at ISC
► Video: Interview from Engineering TV "IDT Showcases RapidIO Plugfest" at Design West

Video: Introduction to Serial RapidIO

Video: Supercomputing at the Edge with RapidIO