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DDR4 Solutions

IDT's DDR4 Registered Clock Driver, Data Buffer and Temp Sensor make up the industry’s first complete chipset for DDR4 registered dual inline memory modules (RDIMMs) and load reduced dual inline memory modules (LRDIMMs). With DDR4 data rates climbing to 3.2 Gb/s and higher, the clear advantages afforded by RDIMM and LRDIMM as a speed-scalable memory technology are expected to drive adoption across a broad array of memory-intensive computing and storage applications.

Through flexible I/O control, timing and voltage calibration, and control register programmability, the IDT DDR4 Registered Clock Drivers and Data Buffers enable faster data rates at higher densities on all JEDEC® defined DDR4 LRDIMM and RDIMM topologies. DIMM topology configuration and DRAM information is stored in IDT's Temperature Sensor EEPROM.

With a deep knowledge of memory interface chipsets based on successful chipset introductions for all DDR generations, IDT’s devices will provide reliable performance for your application.

► Download the IDT DDR4 LRDIMMs Let You Have It All White Paper (PDF)
► Download the DDR4 LRDIMM White Paper: "DDR4 LRDIMMs For Both Memory Capacity and Speed"
► AnandTech Article:  "Intel Xeon E5 Version 3: Up to 18 Haswell EP Cores"  - Through real server application examples, this article illustrates the superior capacity and performance of DDR4 LRDIMMs.


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FunctionSupply Voltage (V)SDRAM Type
IDT Memory Interface ChipsetsIDT DDR4 Data Buffer 4DB0124 Block Diagram4DB0124K
DDR4 Data Buffer
Data Buffer1.2DDR4 up to 2133
IDT Memory Interface ChipsetsIDT DDR4 Data Buffer 4DB0124 Block Diagram4DB0226KA
DDR4 Data Buffer for Enterpr...
Data Buffer1.2DDR4 up to 2400
4MX0121V Switch/Multiplexer for DDR3/DDR4 NVDIMM4MX0121VA13 Block Diagram4MX0121V
Switch / Multiplexer for DDR...
Multiplexer 2:12.5DDR4 for NVDIMM
IDT Memory Interface ChipsetsIDT DDR4-RegisterClockDriver-4RCD0124 Block-Diagram4RCD0124K
DDR4 Register Clock Driver (...
Register + PLL1.2DDR4 up to 2400
DDR4 Temperature Sensor with Integrated 4Kbit EEPROM for Memory ModulesTSE2004GB2B0 Memory Module Temp Sensor Application DiagramTSE2004GB2
DDR4 Temp Sensor with SPD
Digital Temp Sensor + DDR4 SPD EEPROM2.5, 3.3DDR4