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With over three decades of SRAM experience, IDT offers synchronous SRAM, asynchronous SRAM, as well as ZBT™, IDT’s zero bus turnaround product. ZBT was designed to target networking applications which can benefit from elimination of wait states during write / read transitions. IDT offers a line of high-speed, industry-standard SRAMs that are used in the communications market. IDT maintains support for both fast and low-power SRAMs in RoHS-6/6-compliant (GREEN) packages in commercial and industrial temperature grades. IDT also supports several mature device types in military grade for the defense market.

IDT SRAM memory product offerings include:

  • A wide range of SRAM memory products from 16-Kbit to 18-Mbit densities
  • Synchronous SRAM memory and asynchronous SRAM memory architectures
  • IDT ZBT technology, the communications synchronous SRAM memory standard

► Download the Packaging and Ordering SRAM Information (PDF)
► Download the Military-Aerospace Products Overview (PDF)
► Download the Specialty Memory Products Overview (PDF)
► Download the IDT Worldclass SRAM Products Overview (PDF)

About SRAM Memory and Synchronous SRAM
Static Random Access Memory, or SRAM, is a type of semiconductor memory that uses bistable latching circuitry to store each bit. The term static differentiates it from dynamic RAM (DRAM) which must be periodically refreshed. SRAM memory exhibits data remanence, but it is still volatile in the conventional sense that data is eventually lost when the memory is not powered. Synchronous SRAM is faster than asynchronous SRAM and requires a clock signal to validate its control signals, enabling the cache to run in step with the CPU.