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ZSPM4022-06 - Block Diagram
ZSPM4022-06 - Pinout
ZSPM4022-06 - Application Circuit


12V Synchronous DC/DC Buck Regulator

The ZSPM4022-06 is a constant-frequency, synchronous DC/DC buck regulator featuring adaptive on-time control architecture. The ZSPM4022-06 operates over a 4.5V to 19V supply range (12V typical). It has an internal linear regulator that provides a regulated 5V to power the internal control circuitry. The ZSPM4022-06 operates at a constant 600kHz (typical) switching frequency in continuous-conduction mode and can be used to provide up to 6A of output current. The output voltage is adjustable from 5.5V down to 0.8V.

Under medium to heavy loads, the ZSPM4022-06 provides high efficiency and ultra-fast transient response via its rapid-control architecture. Under light load conditions, it maintains high efficiency and a superior transient response by transitioning to variable-frequency, discontinuous mode operation with its ultra-light-load architecture.

The ZSPM4022-06 offers a full suite of protection features to ensure protection of the IC during fault conditions. These include under-voltage lockout to ensure proper operation under power-sag conditions; thermal shutdown; internal soft-start to reduce inrush current; foldback current limiting; and "hiccup" mode short-circuit protection. The ZSPM4022-06 includes a power good (PG) output to allow simple sequencing.


  • Rapid-control architecture enables operation with a high input/output voltage ratio (e.g., VIN = 19V and VOUT = 0.8V) and small output capacitance
  • Adjustable output voltage from 0.8V to 5.5V
  • Universally compatible with most output capacitors – stable with zero to high ESR
  • Power good (PG) output
  • Foldback current limiting and “hiccup” mode short-circuit protection
  • Safe start-up into pre-biased loads
  • Ultra-light load efficiency – up to 80% at 10mA
  • Up to 95% efficiency
  • Feedback reference accuracy as high as ±1%

Product Specification

Outputs (#)Input Voltage Range (V)Output Current Max (A)Operating Freq
14.50 - 19.0060.60000

Product Options

Orderable Part IDPart StatusPkg. CodePkg. TypeLead Count (#)Temp. RangeCarrier TypeSample & Buy
ZSPM4022AA1W06ObsoleteNVG28VFQFPN28-40 to 125°CReelCheck Availability


Technical Documentation

Title Type Format File Size Datesort icon
Datasheets & Errata
ZSPM4023-ZSPM4022 Feature Sheet Short Form Datasheet PDF 280 KB Apr 21, 2016
ZSPM4022-06 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.13 MB Jan 27, 2016
ZSPM4022-06 Short-form Datasheet Short Form Datasheet PDF 149 KB Jan 27, 2016
User Guides & Manuals
ZSPM4022/ZSPM4023 Evaluation Kit Description Manual PDF 626 KB Apr 21, 2016
ZSPM4022-23 Application Note - Circuit Layout and Component Selection Manual PDF 738 KB Apr 20, 2016
IDT CAD Altium Libraries for AID Products Rev 20160819 PCB Design Files ZIP 1.20 MB Aug 19, 2016

Evaluation Boards