P9242-R Wireless Power Transmitter for WPC 1.2.2 15W Applications

A brief overview of IDT's high-efficiency 15W wireless power reference design kit, delivering the same ease of use and product support collateral that have become the hallmark of the Company’s wireless power kits. Supporting the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi 1.2.2 specification, the new kit’s compact wireless power transmitter and receiver operate at 87 percent efficiency, an industry best that rivals the performance of wired solutions and translates to reduced power dissipation and heat - resulting in faster battery charging times. The new kit features the IDT P9242-R transmitter and P9221-R receiver, flexible ARM-based devices that deliver fast charging capabilities combined with the industry’s highest level of integration.

With this latest 15W kit, IDT now presents an off-the-shelf library of turnkey wireless power solutions covering the range 1 to 15 Watts. The 15W kit is ideal for infrastructure that can benefit from higher power transfer—places like the home, office or café--as well as tablets, industrial portable scanners, Bluetooth speakers and mobile accessories such as charging pads, smartphone sleeves and cases.

Presented by Julius Sarkis, marketing manager at IDT. For more information about IDT's wireless power kits, visit www.IDT.com/go/WPkits. For more information about all of IDT's wireless power products, visit www.IDT.com/go/wirelesspower.