VersaClock 3S Low Power Programmable Clock Generators Review and Demonstration

An overview of IDT's VersaClock 3S programmable clock generators. The devices deliver innovative power-saving features while saving board space by eliminating the need for multiple discrete timing components. Delivering  low power and low jitter scalability, the VersaClock 3S devices meet requirements for widely used standards including PCI Express® Gen 1/2/3 and are ideal for consumer, industrial, computing and automotive applications.

The main features include (and are described in the video): Proactive Power Saving, Performance-Power Balancing, Dynamic Frequency Control, and Overshoot Reduction Technology.

The VersaClock 3S 5P35023 has three single-ended LVCMOS outputs and two differential outputs that support LVPECL, LVDS, LP-HCSL, and single-ended LVCMOS. The 5P35021 has one single-ended LVCMOS output and two differential outputs. Both versions feature a low-power 32.768 KHz clock output with less than 2 μA current consumption for use as a system RTC reference clock.

The VersaClock 3S is complemented by an evaluation board and USB programmer board. IDT's Timing Commander software is used to program the device. A quick overview and demonstration is shown in the video.

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